Dear Vincent,
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the additional 4 DVDs.  I viewed the original last night and am delighted with the end product.  I thought the background music for each sequel was exceptionally well chosen and am most grateful for all the trouble you have taken.  I suppose it was inevitable that I did not get all the reels in the correct sequential order and I must now go through my schedule of content and add much more detail for the benefit of my children and their issue.
Having been attracted by your advertisement in The Country Life, I sought the opinion of a professional cameraman, TK, who I had met recently in Somerset.  After studying your web site, you may be pleased to learn he was sure that you would do as good a job as it is possible to do, and you have. 
With renewed thanks, Andrew F. Stone, Staffs.

Original Transfer

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Improved Transfer with Music

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